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COVID-19: Changes to BDM

The spread of the recent pandemic COVID-19 has reached Australia and is affecting Australians both directly and indirectly. In accordance with advice given by the World Health Organisation and the Australian Government, BDM Leather & Canvas will be taking precautions to minimise any health risks to our staff, customers and to our community.

Starting immediately, the following changes will take place.

All entries to our buildings will remain locked until visitors and/or staff announce themselves. Any visitors are asked to please sanitise their hands before entry. Couriers will need to ring the external bell to enter the building for a pick-up or drop-off of goods during business hours.  Customers contacted to collect their goods will need to co-ordinate a collection with staff once payment has been completed. All couriers and customers will be accommodated, and we will endeavour to move forward with business as usual.

In an effort to minimise foot traffic, please call ahead before visiting our premises and direct any enquires to one of our staff via email or phone call. Customers are encouraged to pay over the phone or by direct debit and avoid any payments with cash. An invoice can be provided where necessary. When the order is ready, it will be placed in a designated pickup zone for collection.

If you have any queries as to how any of the above changes may affect yourself, your company or how we will be conducting business, please contact any of our staff and they will be happy to answer any of your questions.

We thank you all for your understanding during these difficult times to ensure the health and safety of our staff and customers.

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