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PVC is a versatile, durable and quality material, that is both a practical and attractive way to manufacture textiles.

It comes in a range of weights and colours, and is water proof. All PVC we use is Flame Retardant to Australian Standards.

It has very good tear resistance, chemical resistance and is UV Stabilised, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications and situations. PVC is easy to care for and will maintain a new look for longer. 

Some of the products we make in PVC are: 
Welders Habitat Covers, Tarpaulins, PVC Tool Bags
Dust Boots, Machine Covers, Trailer Covers, Rescue Training Dummies B.A.Guidelines, Industrial Factory Curtains, Valve Covers Hazard Mats, Shade-cloth, Tarpaulins, Welding Screens, Loading Chutes/Socks.

Checkout some of these products on our site and contact us for price and availability .

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