So what do we actually manufacture?

here goes.........

Ok, so some ask us what do we actually manufacture at our premises down here in Rockingham West Australia? 

How's it starts? Most customized items are quoted and a PO is received. (design and costing is already done)(existing items we make are simply re-ordered)

What's next? The PO heads to the correct team to initiate manufacture and an ETA is scheduled.

Cutting: Most items are cut on the Aeronaut cutting table and some of the larger stuff we make is cut by hand. 

Sewing: We have 2 areas where sewing is done. One factory does the smaller items and the other Factory does the larger industrial gear. Each factory has the appropriate machines to suit the job requirements. 

Finishing: This is done in our other factory (all on the 1 site) where accessories are added, items counted, quality is checked. 

Freight: Most items we sent out are boxed or palletized. This is coordinated with our clients as much of our gear heads to Perth depots which is then sent all over Australia.  

What do we actually make? Canvas Tarpaulins, PVC Tarpaulins, PVC dust boots, Pallet cage covers, PVC protective covers, PVC bunds, Transport covers, Canvas Tool Bags, PVC Tool bags, Camping storage bags, Vehicle rubbish bin bags, Canvas Backpacks, Various rated and certified tie straps, Canvas 50kg lifting bags, Air and object chutes, High heat resistance blankets, Neoprene protective covers and the list in endless..........

Sampling/Protyping: This is done in-house by our experienced staff while working closely with our clients requirements.   

Hopefully this gives you an insight into how we operate and what we can do. Thankyou for your support, it means a lot to us. 


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