April Updates

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April is nearly done, so what's been happening? 

We had our very first open day which was quite successful. We had on showcase all our BDM toolbags as well as our campers choice range of gear. Included in our range was Grab me Gear vast array of offerings as well as their sub brand SLOWA.  

We were also supported by Travelander campers who manufacture an awesome product for a great price. Remote controlled packing away, cant get any better than that. We also had a UNIMOG on display from Rob at Grease Gas Rigs as well as Chef Luke from Wildfire Touring demonstrating a little cook up. Supporting us was Shane (kruisa) a well know outdoors enthusiast as well as Matt from Westralian Offroad who loves his camping and all things outdoor. Roger showed us some leather work creations, one very talented gentleman. Unsure if you've heard of Tie Gear or Solar screens but these are must have accessories for camping, overlander or touring. Check in with Red Dog Accessories, Khye will happily help you out. 

Overall it went well and we most likely will have another event like this in the future. If your reading this and you came past, a massive thanks for supporting us. 


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