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Welcome 2024

New year and new goals

Another year is upon us.....................................so what are our aspirations here at BDM for 2024? 

We have an awesome team, a variety of different skill sets and are quite diverse in our offerings, so what is our focus?

 Quality and service are our main priorities. Particularly in this economic climate where raw materials are expensive and harder to obtain, we will endeavor to have your order completed in a reasonable time frame for a reasonable price.

We will be limiting custom work as this is time consuming and can sometimes be an expensive exercise both for you and us. Please however ask us if your project is within our scope, we will assist where we can. 

Another important goal is upskilling our staff. We are making it a priority this year to upskill. Some exciting things will be happening with the Food, Fibre, Textiles Council of WA so stay tuned. 

Watch for these little updates and dont be afraid to give us some feedback or tell us what you would like us to write about. 



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