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We at BDM are doing everything we can to do our part in caring for our environment.

While we use our resources as efficiently as possible, it is not always possible to use every piece of Canvas, PVC or Leather, so naturally there are off cuts and end of rolls. What do we do with these pieces?

Rather than let them end up in land fill, we keep them on the premises and invite children's groups, hobby groups, pensioner groups and even individuals to drop by and reuse our off-cuts.
While we are happy to offer our scrap pieces free of charge, we do ask that a small contribution is made for larger pieces or end of rolls, which goes toward our other environmental protection processes.

We make full use of recycling facilities available to us locally, all our cardboard inners are crushed and sent out to be recycled.

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Phone: 08 9528 7055 or 08 9528 7051

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